Folkston Grant

P.C. Simonton & Associates, Inc., Assists City of Folkston in Obtaining $300,000 Grant

P.C. Simonton & Associates, Inc. secured a grant fro GEFA for $300,000 to install high efficient aerators in the City of Folkston’s Wastewater Treatment Lagoon. The City will be replacing old splashing aerators with advanced injection aerators with and increased oxygen transfer and mixing rate. The project will reduce horse power at the plant by 35 HP and will save the City a projected $22,000 per year in electrical costs while increasing the effectiveness of the treatment train. In addition to the waste water retrofits, building retrofits will take place to further increase the City’s energy efficiency.

This is not the first stimulus money that the City has received this year. P.C. Simonton & Associates Inc. helped the City secure $1,164,430 in federal stimulus money for the City’s water expansion.

More information about the $300,000 Grant can be found here and here