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Firm History

Established in 1980, P.C. Simonton & Associates, Inc. is a consulting engineering firm providing services which include planning analysis and design for the following: site selection and development, water and sewer facilities, drainage facilities, roadways and pavement, limited soils testing, and contract administration. This wide range of experience has been of value to clients that have either placed our firm on retainer or awarded projects on a contract basis.

P.C. Simonton & Associates, Inc. began its practice in the Atlanta area and shortly after relocated to Hinesville to serve the growing region. Since that time offices have been added in both Greensboro, GA and Valdosta, GA to better serve our growing client base.  Multiple locations not only allow us to better serve our clients, it offers a valuable tool in the quality control process. All offices work closely together in a seamless environment related to the methods used in the plan preparation process.

In addition to exceeding our customer expectations in the technical field, we offer an outstanding service in funding and permitting assistance. Our knowledge of federal and state agencies, their functions and assistance opportunities has benefited our clients on many occasions. Past assistance has included project funding from DCA, GDOT, USDA, GEFA and OneGeorgia. Projects obtained from these sources have included programs such as CDBG, LMIG, EIP, RBEG, GEFA Water Quality and Water Supply, OneGeorgia Edge & Equity programs, as well as, many TE projects. Because of our working relationship and proven performance in the past, we are able to quickly and succinctly prepare required documentation for proper permitting, and model project descriptions and justifications to meet funding criteria and secure funds.

We have a proactive approach to infrastructure management, and also provide Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and mapping services and jointly prepare GIS databases with Regional Commissions, aiding in the overall planning and managing of existing infrastructures.

P.C. Simonton & Associates, Inc. is a Georgia Department of Transportation prequalified consultant in many area classifications that include single and multi-lane roadway design, traffic operations studies, landscape design, facilities for bicycles and pedestrians, and construction supervision. These classifications assist many of our clients in achieving LAP certification so that they may administer their own GDOT or FHWA construction projects.