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City of Hinesville & P.C. Simonton & Associates Inc. Receive Award and Recognition from the Governor

The City of Hinesville and P.C. Simonton & Associates, Inc. recently received recognition from Governor Sonny Perdue for leading the way in water reuse. They were featured in the volume 18, number 8 issue of the Georgia Municipal Association’s Georgia’s Cities Magazine.

The City of Hinesville is located within the yellow zone of the Coastal Georgia Water & Wastewater Permitting Plan for Managing Salt Water Intrusion June 2006. This document has identified Hinesville and Liberty County as an area with limited increases in groundwater withdrawal for the future. This document also stresses then need to conduct a feasibility analysis for water reclamation and implementation of a purple pipe system.

Based on watershed protection needs and conservation of groundwater resources, the City began to develop the water reclamation customer base. Utilizing a previously developed water reuse alternative analysis developed by Fort Stewart, the City prepared a plan to supply Fort Stewart with reclaimed water to meet two large needs. The feasibility analysis identified the Fort Stewart central energy plant, plus the golf course and parade fields, as potential reuse sources needing between 209,702 to 838,807 gallons per day. We have since talked with golf course personnel at Fort Stewart and found that their actual need during summer months is 2.0 MGD. In addition, the City has contacted the Cherokee Rose Country Club with regard to their irrigation needs, and is in the process of negotiating a user’s agreement. The City is also working out use agreements with the Board of Education and the Development Authority.

In December 2006, the Hinesville City Council adopted a “Non-Potable Reuse Line” (NPRL) ordinance that requires purple pipe to be installed in all new developments. Hinesville was the first City to adopt this type ordinance in Coastal Georgia. Currently, plans have been approved for two large developments installing the purple pipe system with several more under review.

It is important to understand that the two golf courses are currently utilizing water from the upper Floridan Aquifer. The switch from groundwater to reclaimed water for irrigation could result in a reduction of up to 3.0 MGD of groundwater withdrawal from the upper Floridan Aquifer.

To deliver reclaimed water to these customers, the City is in the process of preparing plans and permitting approximately 30,000 linear feet of pipeline. The estimated cost of this pipeline is approximately two million ($2,400,000.00) dollars and will be the beginning of a City wide system.

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