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Bryant Commons Recognized by EPA

Bryant Commons, a 150 acre passive public park master planned by P.C. Simonton & Associates, ensures the preservation of the natural beauty of its landscape with a 75 acre conservation easement, keeping more than half of the property pristine and undeveloped.

While Bryant Commons boasts over 15 acres of open park and houses an outdoor amphitheater, Bramble’s Playground, Cisco’s Dog Park, the Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association (ITPA) Museum, and Veterans Memorial Walk, it is the 15 acre man-made pond that caught the attention of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Downtown Hinesville, Georgia’s 300 acre, highly impervious, urban area was experiencing localized flooding and degrading water quality in Peacock Creek, a 303(d) listed (impaired) stream.  In order to eliminate the problem, the City and County governments took on a three project solution to eliminate the flooding.  The final leg of the solution involved the construction of the Bryant Commons pond.  The pond collects, retains, and treats stormwater that has been redirected from downtown Hinesville.  A terraced outlet is used to oxygenate the stormwater as it exits the facility, minimizing the negative impact on local streams and residents in the area.

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